How business leaders are positioning their companies amid mixed recession views

(BPT) - By Ginger Chambless, Head of Research, JPMorgan Chase Commercial BankingHalfway through 2023, views on whether a recession is likely to occur before year-end are mixed. JPMorgan Chase’s …

A Subscription Service Designed for Customers and Their Peace of Mind

(BPT) - Walmart is laser-focused on offering customers the easiest and most convenient shopping experience, no matter how they shop.When customers shop at or our app, their baskets often …

10 of the most common conference formats and when to use them

Giggster explored the 10 most common ways to structure a conference and how to use them to inspire discussions and engage audiences.

1 in 5 companies founded in 2021 closed within the year—a story all too familiar in the US

PlanPros investigated what it takes for a business to make it through its first year—a milestone that 1 in 5 companies don't achieve.

4 Ways Business Credit Cards Can Help Offset Everyday Expenses

(BPT) - Entrepreneurs rely on business credit cards for everyday expenses like office supplies, internet and marketing needs – but what many don’t realize is how to take advantage of the …

The county in every state with the most new business applications

PlanBuildr used Census Bureau data to find the county in each state with the most business applications per capita in 2022.

What the Hollywood strikes tell us about the state of unions in the US

Stacker analyzed NLRB data from the past two decades to measure how high-profile labor actions are shifting the power balance in the workplace.

How remote-capable employees shifted fully into working from home

Revelo referenced a recent Gallup survey and news coverage to analyze the shift from in-person to remote work for those whose jobs are remote-capable.  

How a Startup Chair Company Promises to Fix Your Sit

(BPT) - Whether you work from home, in the office or spend a lot of time sitting while gaming, you know that the right chair can make all the difference in how you feel. The need for proper posture …

How small businesses are responding to financial challenges

To find out how small businesses are responding to recent financial challenges, Credibly consulted data from a Federal Reserve survey. 

How entrepreneurs can best prepare to get approved for a small business loan

Need a loan to grow your small business but spooked by borrowing rates? Bonsai compiled this list of ways leaders can seek loan approval.

3 ways AI can save small businesses time and stress

(BPT) - Generative AI is creating an extraordinary amount of buzz, and it's catching the interest of people wondering how to take advantage of what it has to offer. If you’re a small-business …

10 states where new businesses are most likely to turn into employers

altLINE used Census Bureau data to find 10 states where the largest share of business applications was deemed likely to become employer firms.

'Quick quitting': A closer look at the growing trend in the job market

You've probably heard of quiet quitting. Now there's another phenomenon: quick quitting. Tovuti LMS analyzed quick quitting, using data provided by Revelio Labs.  

States with the lowest tax burden on small businesses

Swyft Filings analyzed the most recent data to identify the states with the lowest tax burden on small businesses.

10 TV shows that capture the challenges (and rewards) of running a small business

Simply Business organized a list of the top 10 TV shows, both fictional and nonfictional, that show how difficult—and rewarding—running a small business can be.

5 Tips to Improve Small Business Productivity

(Family Features) Businesses that run efficiently often find continued, long-term success. To help improve productivity and create a more efficient work environment, consider these tips.

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